Mammoth Foundation, a pioneer in blockchain technology, has secured a major step in expansion with a $10 million investment from Alpha Token Capital, a renowned investment firm specializing in Web3 Investments. Mammoth Foundation founder John Baek and CEO Lee Woo Chan expressed excitement about the partnership, stating that it validates their business model and elevates the global competitiveness of their chain.

Alpha Token Capital, a renowned investment business specialized in Web3 Investments, has pledged and invested $10 million in Mammoth Foundation, a pioneer in blockchain technology, marking a major step in the organization’s expansion. 


Mammoth Foundation has reached a turning point with this massive investment, which will allow the business to grow its operations, push technical innovation forward, and solidify its position in the market. 

In addition to demonstrating confidence in the vision and capabilities of Mammoth Foundation, the strategic alliance with Alpha Token Capital positions the organization for exponential expansion in the blockchain industry.

 Mammoth Foundation founder John Baek and CEO Lee Woo Chan both expressed excitement about the partnership, saying, “We are thrilled to partner with Alpha Token Capital, a recognized leader in the investment landscape. In addition to validating our business model, this substantial capital investment provides us with the means to elevate the global competitiveness of our chain.”

 Alpha Token Capital has over 5 years of experience discovering and supporting creative enterprises, making them an excellent partner for Mammoth Foundation’s journey. The relationship is expected to generate synergies that benefit both parties, enabling mutual development and success. We are ecstatic to provide this strategic investment in support of the Mammoth Foundation, which aims to expand their ecosystem into new markets and increase developer adoption. 

Mammoth Foundation intends to use the funds to improve its technology infrastructure, expand operations, and explore new possibilities for development and innovation. With this strategic investment, Mammoth Foundation Inc positions itself for long-term success and leadership in the web3 ecosystem.


 About Mammoth Foundation: 

Mammoth Foundation is a global Web3 lifestyle service company based on its proprietary Mainnet, the Giant Mammoth Chain. 

By integrating lifestyle services that are closely related to our daily life – including healthcare, e-commerce, webtoons, gaming, and second-hand trading – with blockchain technology, Giant Mammoth provides safe and transparent services. And it builds a virtuous cycle ecosystem where users can earn and use profits through lifestyle activities and hobbies.

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