New York, NY, United States, 18th Nov 2023 – Heptaret Capital Management, LLC, a multinational portfolio management firm, announces a groundbreaking move by its Pakistan affiliate, Heptaret Pakistan LLP. The company is set to file with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to seek regulatory approval for issuing physical gold-backed certificates, revolutionizing the investment landscape in the region.

Heptaret's Pakistan Affiliate Initiates Regulatory Process for Gold-Backed Certificates, Significantly Shifting Investment Landscape

In a departure from conventional investment avenues, Heptaret Pakistan LLP aims to offer qualified investors a unique opportunity to directly invest in physical gold through certificates rather than opting for a locally traded Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) on the Pakistan Stock Exchange. These certificates will represent direct investments in Heptaret Pakistan LLP, with each certificate backed by physical gold held through globally recognized ETFs, including BlackRock’s iShares Physical Gold ETF.

This strategic move reflects Heptaret’s commitment to providing innovative and secure investment options while leveraging its global presence and expertise. By seeking regulatory clarity for gold-backed certificates, Heptaret Pakistan LLP aims to empower qualified investors with a novel approach to gold investments, offering them a direct stake in the precious metal through a trusted and transparent low-cost framework.

Simon Moore, spokesperson at Heptaret Capital Management, LLC, expressed enthusiasm about this milestone, stating, “Heptaret has always been at the forefront of pioneering financial solutions. With Heptaret Pakistan LLP’s move to seek regulatory approval for gold-backed certificates, we are bringing a transformative investment option to the Pakistani market. This innovative approach aligns with our commitment to providing clients with diversified and resilient investment opportunities.”

Heptaret Pakistan LLP’s gold-backed certificates will provide investors with a tangible link to physical gold assets, adding an extra layer of security to their investment portfolios.

The filing with the SECP marks the first step in what is anticipated to be a seamless regulatory process. Heptaret Pakistan LLP is optimistic about receiving approval, paving the way for a new era in gold investments for the Pakistani public.

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