In the captivating world of hair care, there is a brand that shines with innovation and quality: Navarro Hair Nutrition. With its focus on hair health and beauty, this brand has won the hearts of consumers with products that combine science and nature to deliver exceptional results. From the renowned Hair Vitamins to their latest launch, the Navarro Pre-Wash Capilar, Navarro Hair Nutrition has become synonymous with trust and effectiveness in the hair care world.

Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile, 17th Aug 2023, King NewsWire Interviewing the Masters Behind Hair Care Innovation: As we embark on this insightful journey, we are joined by three remarkable minds – Francesca Zerbi, the visionary CEO of Navarro Hair Nutrition; Edgardo Navarro Cea, the creative force as Director of Art; and Carla Bertolone, the strategic mind and Commercial Director. Their combined expertise has paved the way for revolutionary hair care products that have captured the hearts of many. We delve into their insights, inspirations, and the transformative power of Navarro Hair Nutrition’s offerings. Stay tuned to uncover the magic that’s shaping the future of hair care.

**Unveiling the Excellence of Navarro Hair Nutrition Products** Amidst the world of hair care, Navarro Hair Nutrition stands as a beacon of excellence. Their products are not just ordinary solutions; they are carefully crafted expressions of innovation and quality. Let’s take a closer look at what sets their offerings apart:

Today, we are pleased to present an exclusive interview with the leaders behind this visionary brand: Francesca Zerbi, CEO of Navarro Hair Nutrition, Director of Art Edgardo Navarro Cea, and Commercial Director Carla Bertolone. We will delve into the world of Hair Vitamins and discover how this brand has revolutionized hair care with its latest release, the Pre-Wash Capilar. Get ready to uncover the secrets behind Navarro Hair Nutrition’s innovation, design, and commercial strategy. Let’s start the conversation!

Cristian A: Hello everyone! We are excited to have three experts from Navarro Hair Nutrition here with us. We have the CEO of the brand, Francesca Zerbi, Director of Art, Edgardo Navarro Cea, and Commercial Director, Carla Bertolone. Let’s get started!

Question for the CEO: Cristian A: Francesca, Navarro Hair Nutrition has gained recognition for its innovative hair care products. Could you tell us about Hair Vitamins Navarro Hair Nutrition and how they have impacted the industry?

Francesca Zerbi: Navarro Hair Nutrition’s Hair Vitamins are the result of deep dedication to research and quality. Our scientific team has created a unique formula with natural ingredients and essential nutrients to promote hair growth and improve hair health. We have received positive feedback from satisfied users who have experienced stronger and more radiant hair after using our vitamins. We are committed to hair well-being and continue to innovate to provide effective solutions.

Question for the Director of Art: Cristian A: Edgardo, we know that the visual aspect of a product is crucial. How did you manage to capture the essence of Navarro Hair Nutrition’s Hair Vitamins in its design? Edgardo Navarro Cea: For me, creating the design of the Hair Vitamins was an exciting challenge from the components primarily, thanks to a great team of medical laboratory technicians and health experts. I wanted to convey the idea of hair vitality and health through fresh and vibrant colors. Every element of the design, from the choice of colors to typography, aims to capture the essence of what is natural and effective. I hope that every time someone sees the packaging, they feel confident in the product’s quality.

Question for the Commercial Director: Cristian A: Carla, the new Navarro Pre-Wash Capilar is generating a lot of interest. Could you tell us about its purpose and how it fits into the hair care routine? Carla Bertolone: Of course! The Navarro Pre-Wash Capilar is an essential step for a complete hair care routine. It acts as a protector before washing, forming a barrier between the hair and the potential drying effects of shampoo. This helps maintain the hair’s natural hydration and minimizes nutrient loss during washing. It is especially beneficial for those with dry or damaged hair. Our mission is to provide effective solutions that are easy to incorporate into the daily routine.

Question for the CEO: Cristian A: Francesca, the new Navarro Pre-Wash Capilar has generated a lot of interest among consumers. Could you tell us more about how the idea of developing this product came about and what its main benefits are? Francesca Zerbi: Certainly. The idea of the Navarro Pre-Wash Capilar was born from our ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive hair care solutions. We wanted to address the importance of preparation and protection before washing, especially for those with dry or damaged hair. This product acts as a shield to preserve the hair’s natural hydration and nutrients during washing. Key benefits include reduced post-wash dryness, minimized nutrient loss, and a foundation for a more comprehensive hair care routine.

**Hair Vitamins: Nurturing From Within** Navarro Hair Nutrition’s Hair Vitamins are more than just supplements – they are a journey towards stronger, more vibrant hair. With a unique blend of natural ingredients and essential nutrients, these vitamins work from within to promote hair growth and enhance overall hair health. Users have reported remarkable transformations, showcasing the potency of these carefully curated formulas.

Question for the Director of Art: Cristian A: Edgardo, creating an attractive design for a new product is essential. How did you approach the design of the Navarro Pre-Wash Capilar to communicate its purpose and highlight its importance in the hair care routine? Edgardo Navarro Cea: Designing the Pre-Wash Capilar was an exciting challenge. I wanted the design to clearly and attractively convey the idea of protection and preparation. I opted for soft colors and visual elements that suggest the process of pre-wash application. I also emphasized the key benefits of the product in the design, so that consumers understand its purpose at first glance. The result is a design that captures the essence and utility of the Pre-Wash Capilar.

Question for the Commercial Director: Cristian A: Carla, consumers often seek products that are easy to incorporate into their routine. How does the Navarro Pre-Wash Capilar fit into an existing hair care routine, and when is its use recommended?

Carla Bertolone: The Navarro Pre-Wash Capilar fits seamlessly into any hair care routine. It is applied before regular washing, and its lightweight formula doesn’t add complicated steps. It is particularly recommended for those who experience dry or damaged hair due to frequent shampoo use. Simply apply it to dry hair before washing, let it sit, and then proceed with regular washing. It’s a simple step that can make a big difference in overall hair health.

**Pre-Wash Capilar: Shielding Hair’s Integrity** The latest addition to Navarro Hair Nutrition’s lineup is the Pre-Wash Capilar. This innovative product redefines pre-wash routines. By creating a protective barrier against the potential damage caused by washing, it preserves the hair’s natural hydration and vital nutrients. The result? Reduced dryness post-wash and a fortified foundation for a comprehensive hair care regimen.

Cristian A: Thank you for sharing the details behind the exciting new product, the Navarro Pre-Wash Capilar! It seems that this product has a unique focus on preparing and protecting hair before washing. We are looking forward to seeing how it positively impacts consumers’ hair care routines. Keep us updated on all the news from Navarro Hair Nutrition! At

In a world where hair care is an essential aspect of self-care, Navarro Hair Nutrition has taken the lead in crafting products that truly make a difference. Their focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability has set a new standard in the industry, inviting us all to experience the magic they have to offer. Explore more at

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