Parkour World is not just a typical parkour game, but a game innovation, a brave challenge to traditional concepts.

Redwood, California — The advent and evolution of blockchain technology have not only fueled innovation in the global financial sector, but also sparked a transformative revolution in the gaming industry. In this context, the concept of the Metaverse, or the virtual world, has gradually emerged, merging blockchain technology with virtual reality technology to build a new, decentralized digital world for individuals.

Within this world, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) play a pivotal role. NFTs digitize items or assets, bestowing uniqueness and scarcity on the objects of the virtual world. This means that each item in the Metaverse is unique, non-duplicable. The application of NFTs in the blockchain realm allows individuals to possess their own properties in games, providing a foundation for economic activities in the virtual world.

Currently, a blockchain game named “Parkour World” has captured public attention with its unique innovative mechanisms. Parkour World is a game that combines cyberpunk style with parkour elements, fusing blockchain technology, adopting value-preserving NFTs, and a distinctive 3-token economic model. It creates a gaming environment that is not only entertaining but also profitable for players!

1、Unique Three-Token Participation Mechanism

Parkour World innovatively introduces ARB, HOOD, and YURI as three types of tokens in the participation mechanism, thereby creating a novel blockchain game economic system.

ARB, as the native token of the Arbitrum blockchain platform, is primarily used as a resource for minting NFT sneakers in the game. Each pair of sneakers requires a certain amount of ARB and HOOD for minting, and the minted NFT sneakers carry corresponding ARB value. These NFT sneakers also have the ability to preserve and increase value. That’s because there’s a certain number of ARB tokens backing each pair of sneakers, with 20% of the ARB locked in a smart contract on-chain for one year or until the ARB price increases 5 times, ensuring players’ investments do not depreciate due to changes in the game.

HOOD is the main circulating currency in the game. Players can obtain HOOD by participating in game activities and the trading market. HOOD has extensive applications in the game, not only can it be used to purchase game props, but it’s also a necessary resource for minting NFT sneakers. Worth noting is that every time a sneaker is minted, a portion of HOOD is consumed and destroyed, creating a unique burning economic model.

YURI plays a unique role in the game. In parkour activities, players’ sneakers gradually wear down and need to be repaired by consuming YURI. This design gives YURI indispensable value, and each time sneakers are repaired, a portion of YURI is consumed and destroyed, forming a double burn economic model.

2、Rich Game Maps

In Parkour World, maps are a crucial component of the game. The game has designed four different environmental maps: Kuala Lumpur Rainforest, Dubai Desert, Canadian Snowfield, and Singapore City. These maps not only offer diverse game experiences but also increase the strategic and challenging aspects of the game through different map attributes.

3、Diversified Sneakers, Mystery Boxes, and Game Props

Parkour World offers a variety of sneakers and various props to meet players’ different needs. Each type of sneaker has different game attributes, corresponding to different gameplays, allowing players to continuously discover new fun in the game.

In Parkour World, players can enjoy the game while earning profits through investment. Players can convert their passion for the game into actual economic benefits by buying and trading NFT sneakers in the game. Here, players are also investors. In Parkour World, investors can earn returns in multiple ways. Firstly, investors can profit from the appreciation of the NFT sneakers they buy and hold. Secondly, investors can earn a trading margin by selling the NFT sneakers they own in the game’s trading market.

Looking forward, we expect Parkour World to lead blockchain gaming towards broader horizons, providing players with deeper, more authentic game experiences. Simultaneously, we believe that under the guidance of blockchain technology, the potential of Parkour World will be magnified infinitely, and its development will have a more profound impact on the global gaming market.

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