Mongolia, 3rd Jul 2023 – The Wolves have firmly established themselves in the NFT sphere with their collection of 19,999 unique digital assets, known as The Wolves Of Crypto Street. Taking another stride in the world of DeFi, The Wolves are now unveiling The Feast, a groundbreaking fractionalized investment platform.

Building on the surging interest in NFTs and DeFi, The Feast is poised to transform how we engage with digital investments. The Feast is not just an investment platform; it’s a movement aimed at democratizing access to NFTs.

To partake in The Feast, participants must own a Wolf NFT, an exclusive digital collectible from the Wolves’ lineup available at MongolNFT or Opensea. These ‘wolves’ then hunt in packs, collectively investing in highly coveted NFT assets. The Feast platform is designed to bring a community of NFT owners together, fostering an ecosystem where rare and valuable digital assets can be collectively invested in.

The procedure to participate in The Feast has been streamlined for simplicity. Users connect their MetaMask wallet, possess a Wolf NFT, and they’re set to join the feast. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures an enjoyable and straightforward experience, making it easy for anyone to become a part of the wolf pack.

The Feast platform aligns perfectly with the Wolves’ vision of a decentralized world where financial inclusion and access to lucrative investment opportunities aren’t limited by traditional barriers. It represents an evolution in the digital space, where rarity and exclusivity can be shared amongst a community, collectively reaping the benefits. The Wolves’ journey from their inception to the creation of The Feast stands as a testament to their innovative thinking and commitment to revolutionizing the digital assets market.

The Feast not only democratizes access to high-value NFTs but also empowers the participating community through its unique model of governance. The decision to sell any asset acquired through The Feast lies in the hands of the community and is conducted through a DAO voting system. Once the votes in favor of selling exceed 51% among the Feast participants, the asset is sold, creating a truly decentralized and democratic investment experience.

Furthermore, holders who have participated in a Feast are not ‘stuck’ in their investment. If they wish to liquidate their stake, they can sell their Wolf NFT (along with the associated Feast) on platforms such as Opensea or MongolNFT. This provides an exit route, allowing investors to make strategic decisions based on their individual preferences.

The Wolves’ journey from their inception to the creation of The Feast stands as a testament to their innovative thinking and commitment to revolutionizing the digital assets market. Before reaching its public launch stage, The Feast has already built a robust foundation. The platform witnessed eight successful feasts in its beta phase, emphasizing its innovative model’s resilience and feasibility.

Now, The Feast is hosting its first public feast featuring a token from the acclaimed Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). This highly anticipated event is already live, marking the dawn of a new era in fractionalized NFT investments.

Welcome to the future of fractionalized investments. Join your first feast at The Feast and become part of a new chapter in digital assets, where everyone gets to participate in an NFT investment.

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The Wolves have crafted 19,999 distinctive digital assets, the Wolves Of Crypto Street NFT collection.These Wolves NFTs represent a formidable force in the digital world, and owners can join The Feast, a platform democratizing access to high-value digital collectibles. The Wolves’ initiative presents a fresh take on NFT, merging artistry, fractionalized investment, and community participation. For more details, visit The Feast.

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