United States, 21st Jun 2023, King NewsWire The dynamic world of brand marketing has found its guiding star in Emily Harris, an exceptional American businesswoman, renowned author, and captivating speaker. With an impressive career spanning over 16 years, Emily has cultivated a loyal following of industry leaders across diverse sectors, including action sports and healthcare. Her unwavering commitment to exceptional leadership and driving growth has propelled numerous companies to unprecedented success.

As the visionary founder of Physicians Choice Marketing Group (PCMG)®, a strategic healthcare-focused marketing firm, Emily draws upon her decade-long experience working for one of the largest healthcare corporations in the United States. Her profound understanding of the healthcare industry has enabled her to craft innovative and effective growth initiatives for her clients, establishing PCMG® as a leading force in the field.

Emily’s remarkable talents have captured the attention of CEOs and prominent business leaders seeking her insightful consulting. Beyond the corporate world, she has showcased her ability to communicate impactful messages by crafting speeches for government officials, resonating with diverse audiences, and leaving a lasting impact.

Driven by her passion for education and mentorship, Emily serves as a speaker and mentor for students at her alma mater, California Baptist University (CBU)’s Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business and The University of Texas at Dallas. Her unwavering dedication to nurturing the next generation of business professionals underscores her commitment to fostering growth and excellence in others.

To share her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Emily has authored a transformative book that will revolutionize your understanding of marketing strategies and unlock the potential to skyrocket your brand’s power. “The MarketingLab® – The Top 10 Secrets to Increasing Revenue and Skyrocketing Brand Power” is an essential read for anyone seeking a competitive edge in today’s dynamic marketing world.

Prepare to be inspired and enlightened as Emily Harris takes you on a journey through proven strategies and insights that have propelled her clients to new heights. With her engaging approach and unparalleled expertise, she will empower you to unleash your brand’s full potential, achieve remarkable revenue growth, and thrive in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

About Physicians Choice Marketing Group (PCMG)®:

Physicians Choice Marketing Group (PCMG)® is a strategic healthcare-focused marketing firm founded by Emily Harris. With her deep understanding of the healthcare industry and innovative growth initiatives, PCMG® has become a leading force in the field. For more information about PCMG®, please visit www.physicianschoicemarketing.com.

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