Los Angeles, CA, United States, 5th Jun 2023, King NewsWire Hip Hop artist SKG, also known as Helecia Choyce, made a memorable appearance at the Young At Heart Gala, where she passionately learned more about organ donation awareness. SKG, who gained fame through her association with Death Row Records and her collaborations with iconic rapper Tupac Shakur, has always been committed to supporting charitable causes. Her attendance at the gala, upon the invitation of One Legacy employee Joel Holley and E’Tiffany Jones, proved to be a life-changing experience that shifted her perspective on organ donation.

Having graced the music industry from a young age, SKG’s journey has been marked by significant achievements. However, it was her participation in the Young At Heart Foundation Gala that truly opened her eyes to the importance of organ donation. Expressing her initial ignorance on the matter, SKG admitted that she had underestimated the significance of being listed as an organ donor and the impact it could have on individuals waiting for a transplant.

Reflecting on her experience, SKG stated, “This was my first time attending this type of event, and I really didn’t know what to expect. You always hear a lot about organ donations, but I think I was very ignorant to the importance of being listed as an organ donor and how important it is for people, especially when they are on a waiting list. Going to the Young At Heart Foundation Gala, I was able to listen to stories from people who received an organ transplant and hear stories from people whose loved ones donated their organs. It changed my perspective on becoming an organ donor, and I am honored to attend these charity events and help bring awareness and create a positive change.”

The Young At Heart Foundation, a Los Angeles-based charity with 501C3 status, was founded by Mike Young with the goal of promoting organ donor awareness and providing Hope Kits to pediatric transplant families across the United States. Mike Young, who received a transplant at the age of 14, understands the challenges faced by those undergoing medical treatments and being in the hospital. The foundation aims to foster a supportive transplant community by offering Hope Kits, which are personally curated and designed to provide a sense of normality to each child. These kits serve as a small ray of hope in the midst of a daunting journey.
SKG’s presence at the Young At Heart Gala brought a new wave of attention to the critical issue of organ donation. Her commitment to using her platform for the greater good is commendable, and her advocacy for the Young At Heart Foundation’s cause will undoubtedly inspire others to become more aware and actively participate in the organ donation community.

About Young At Heart Foundation

Young At Heart Foundation is a 501C3 charity founded by Mike Young, aimed at promoting organ donor awareness and providing Hope Kits to pediatric transplant families throughout the United States. The foundation seeks to create a supportive transplant community by offering personalized Hope Kits that bring a sense of normality to children in the midst of their medical journeys. To support the Young At Heart Foundation and its mission, donations can be made at their GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/hope-kits-for-children-needing-heart-transplants . For more information about the foundation and their Hope Kits, please visit their official website at https://www.youngatheartfoundation.com/hope-kits .

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